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I am Bernhard. For me, crossmedia design means creating a visually consistent language with many different media sets.

The last 10+ years I developed many brand identities, designed various digital and print media, designed and created homepages and online stores, consulted in digital marketing, implemented photo projects, made image films, gave different workshops and built interactive installations.

Oh, and sustainability is very important to me in every single project!

in short



I did my bachelor's degree in "Interactive Media" in Augsburg. That included everything between graphic design and computer science, or rather between free spirits and technology nerds. But most of all, between these two extremes, I was excited by the possibility of critically combining technology and art. Through this knowledge I discovered more and more new ways to express myself visually and installatively, which led me to my first independent commissions.


My studies were over, but my thirst for knowledge was far from quenched. So I decided to take the master's program "MultiMedia - Art" in Salzburg. Here I was able to fully concentrate on visual communication in the field of "Media Design" - both in design and in art. This huge creative potential, together with my growing passion for media science and sociology, has shaped my work in a more profound and socially critical way.

self-employed work

Since my bachelor studies I have been working independently for clients all over Bavaria and Austria. Although I started as a flash developer, my main field of work shifted more and more to user interface design and brand development. In the process, I kept having close collaborations with interesting people from different fields, which led to a GbR called "dasTransformat" in 2018. There I completely took over the brand - and web development for clients. Along the way, I also started holding workshops and seminars about my field of work. Unfortunately, the fast pace of media has also hit theTransformat, which is why "dasTransformat" has turned into "binaryformat", which is the title of my self-employment.

Art-Director at "Mensch in Bewegung"

Even though I have a lot of fun working with customers in the free economy, I missed the scientific work since my master's degree. That's why I was looking for proximity to science, which I found in the cross-university project "Mensch in Bewegung". "Mensch in Bewegung" is a joint project of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) and the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI). The project has been running since 2018 as part of the "Innovative University" program and aims to promote knowledge exchange between science, politics, business and civil society. There, I was able to contribute my practical - and theoretical - knowledge of media and developed various digital interfaces between humans and virtuality in addition to visual communication.


And here we are. Binary format expresses my enthusiasm for design - and technology. Besides my creative work, my heart also beats for media technology. This includes not only the technical knowledge about digital developments, but also about the state of the art in general. The cornerstones are web development, open source products, data management, recording and playback techniques. This broad knowledge of a creative - as well as technical background helps me to advise my customers competently. I like to share this knowledge in workshops and seminars.

my field of work


corporate Design, user interface, logo design, photography, film, animation, editorial design


interactive room installations, socio-critical graphic design, adbusting, intercultural communication


web development, cross-media technology, agile data management


storytelling, marketing, market-oriented conception, media theory, media philosophy

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