term work at interface design

Fachhoschule Salzburg
MultiMediaArt – Master

This project is a concept work with the topic of connecting a mail service with an online ridesharing centre. Persons are able to register their scheduled rides. Thereby, they offer to deliver mail on their route. Other persons have the opportunity to quote their mail such as the place of delivery and reception. By quoting the mail the online portal ascertains automatically the closest scheduled rides and their drivers. In order to stipulate the exact time, place and costs there is the possibility to contact the driver by the online portal. By a liability and delivery contract the responsibility is at the submitter of the mail. The driver is liable for the transport. Through the advantages of this concept a revolution in transportation is possible. A driver is able to get money for a drive as well as reduce the ecological footprint of this ride.


Mails would be delivered much faster because it has no detour to different logistics center. A mail delivering service would be no more an anonymous instrument of transport. Instead, it has the potential of connection people.