project description

master project 2014
Fachhoschule Salzburg
MultiMedia Art – Master

‚einausblick‘ is a project by students of the Fachhochschule Salzburg (Multimedia Art) which supports an aid project called PuraVida Skateboarding in CostaRica. This aid project by Christian Petzold promotes adolescents in San Isidro de El General with the pedagogical effects of skateboarding. The team of ‚einausblick‘ has been there for three months in order to support this project by media workshops as well as to document the experiences and results.

The main topic of this project is to disclose the bidirectional substitute of culture by mediation of media and communication. Thereby a transfer of differences as well as of similarities of these two cultures is intended, independently, whether the transfer is negative, positive or undefined. The Austrian second unit documented its intercultural exchange of Costa Rica the country and its inhabitants. The main focus is on the objective transfer of culture. Thereby, the transfer has to be as objective as possible.

in collaboration with

  • Hanne Geldreich
  • Moritz König
  • Andreas Nagl
  • Michael Ilg


  • project management
  • visual identity
  • animation
  • concept, construction & setup of the installation


Creativity Rules, Hallein, 2014

This project is compounded by an interactive installation, documentation and an exhibition. By the spatial, visual and auditory installation should the audience delve into the atmosphere of Costa Rica to experience its environment. Each of the four projectors is screening a part of a panorama to their facing wall. Thereby, the audience in the middle of the panorama cast shadows on the canvas around them. These shadows symbolize metaphorically one’s own cover of culture. The closer an alien culture is examined one’s own cover is more and more increasing.

  1. Projector
  2. walk in cube
  3. projection surface


Costa Rica is a land with paradisaical beaches and tropical jungles. However, apart from tourism, poverty and social injustice are part of the regular life. The team of ‚einausblick‘ accompanies the aid project PuraVida Skateboarding and a circus project to document their work, our experiences in this culture as well as the results of our workshops.